Thursday, 17 September 2009

I'm skipping school this afternoon.

That's right. Work is reasonably under control, if not verging on quiet at the moment and I am running away to play for the afternoon. I am going to drive up to the coast and go to the cinema to see Julie and Julia.

This seems like the perfect thing to do on a grey september afternoon. It's indulgent, unnecessary and at four pounds a ticket, cheap. Perfect.

It will be an excellent distraction from worrying about builders, topsoil, boilers and clients who haven't paid their invoices and it will hopefully inspire me to cook something delicious for tea on Saturday when ElizabethM comes to visit.

Going to the cinema is rare for me. It is miles away and though I can be bothered to drive the 50 minutes to get there, I can't be bothered with the journey back afterwards late at night. I'm lazy like that.

There is a local cinema nearby. It shows films on Wednesday nights in the village hall and is a little behind the times. At the moment I think that the first Lord of the Rings film has just arrived for a grand premiere. Tickets are sold by a nice lady who is officially 'simple'. She is interesting though. Some years ago she won eight million pounds in the lottery. She bought herself a new second hand volvo and her children new mini coopers. They were not thrilled. Farmers one and all they live up mountains at the end of rutted tracks that Mini Coopers were not designed for. If you see a new mini cooper abandoned at the bottom of a track, you have found one of her sons! I don't know what she did with the rest of the money but she still sells the tickets for the cinema, and the ice creams and packs of minstrels and I have never seen her wear anything except her brown cord skirt, plain shirt and knitted cardigan. Her money did NOT go on designer shopping. Anyway, back to the 'cinema', such as it is.

You sit on those plastic, stacking chairs which after an hour are guaranteed to give you a numb bum, and halfway through the film, regardless of plot, dialogue etc the film stops for an interval! It's not the most comfortable experience and as they usually keep the film schedule top secret until the day afterwards, I rarely manage to go there!

Today's cinema trip though will be to a proper cinema with plush velour seating, the smell of old popcorn and probably children who really are skipping school talking and snogging in the back row.


notSupermum said...

It all sounds like something from Jam and Jerusalem - did you watch that? I don't suppose you can have village idiots now can you? That would be un-pc, I wonder what the PC expression would be?

elizabethm said...

Going to the cinema - what a fabulous indulgence!

Cathy said...

Movies are something I'm lax to indulge in and I don't know why. Maybe I'm too lazy to go. I always make an effort for Harry Potter as my girls and I have a standing date for the date of release but otherwise nothing happens. My eldest saw Inglorious Bastards last week and loved it. It's kind of tweaked my interest now but it's violent so I'll pass.
It's nice you are getting out. When I was single, I used to take myself to the movie and buy a huge bag of popcorn that I dumped M&M's into and stuffed myself with that and a Coke. I loved that.

Make Do Style said...

Ah are you driving up to Aber to go to the Commodore?

Welsh Girl said...

notSupermum - alarmingly there are days when it isn't all that far off Jam and Jerusalem...
ElizabethM - it was, it was perfect!
Cathy - M&M's in Popcorn. That's a whole new world of snacking to be considered..
Cal - SO much more glamorous - up the Conwy to Llandudno Junction.

Welsh Girl said...

Oops - meant to say 'Make Do Style' there not 'Cal' - sorry about that. Brain isn't in gear today.

bevchen said...

Ooh, how was the film? I want to see that one (and The Time Traveller's Wife, and My Sister's Keeper... so many good films on at the moment!)

Anonymous said...

Do write a review. I'm interesting in seeing Julia and Julia. x

Welsh Girl said...

Bevchen - it was good! Very funny and the Julia Child storyline is fantastic. Could have done without the modern storyline and just stuck wtih that!
Rosiescribble - I would say 'go and see it'. You will laugh a lot, and want to cook when you leave the cinema. It's not life changing but it is a nice old fashioned sort of film that does everything a film should - entertains, takes you out of your life for a bit and inspires you!

The Singlutionary said...

I used to go to a movie a week but it got to be too much. Now I go more infrequently . . . like once a month! I love love love the images of the simple village lotto winners and their bum hurting chairs and their intermission.

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