Thursday, 28 May 2009

The mystery of what gets lost when you move house...

It is baffling how the oddest things go missing when you move. The biggest thing on my list is the boot cover for my car. It's one of those sliding cover things that hides all the junk I have left in the boot. I remember taking it out of my car in order to cram more stuff in there but now it has totally disappeared. It's some 3 1/2 foot long for goodness sake. It's not as if it could have slipped between two books or something.

Other things on the list? The dvd remote control. Now that is irritating. The mandolin from the kitchen (not the one that you strum when dressed in medieval clothes. I know where that one is!). My knife sharpener.

There are other things but I can't remember what they are. It seems that the god of moving extracts a price and it is an odd miscellany of household objects.

Everything is unpacked and put away though some of it now needs extracting and putting away in different places. I seem to spend my life drilling holes in the walls for pictures, curtain poles etc etc. Having said that it is all feeling more settled.

My birthday dinner went well last night and I collapsed into bed at quarter to two this morning. The kitchen was a horror this morning; covered in a mixture of leftovers and chocolate sauce from the profiteroles. It also smelt oddly of petrol because one of the guests was running out of fuel and so I gave him the 3 litres I had for the lawnmower. Unfortunately one of the other things that has gone missing is the funnel for the fuel can. This meant that at 6.00 o'clock this morning there was an episode of Blue Peter taking place in the kitchen as he made a funnel using a fruit juice carton, safety scissors and, I hope, a loo roll and some sticky backed plastic.

My mother would never get me sticky backed plastic when I was a child. This meant that Blue Peter was an open wound in my childhood. Never would I be able to make a miniature of Buckingham Palace out of loo rolls, egg cartons and fairy liquid bottles, all because I was only given copydex and not double sided tape or sticky backed plastic. This is a source of great disappointment to me and definitely thwarted my hopes to become a diorama maker when I grew up. Then again I did spend an awful lot of time painting the palms of my hand with copydex and then peeling it off when it had dried. Aaah, the fun we had. The highs of copydex sniffing. It all comes rushing back to me.

Actually, I wonder where my copydex has gone? Perhaps it is stuck to the boot cover?


Mud in the City said...

You have brought back such great copydex memories! I still can't look at lentils without wanting to glue them onto a sheet of paper, perhaps with some dry pasta and a hint of glitter, in an attempt to re-create Guy Fawkes night.

Cathy said...

I wish I knew what copydex is but i am going to imagine it's like the old brown sticky glue we had growing up since I used to love inhaling that. I feel for you and your quest to find things. My ex loved moving and everytime we did I nearly went crazy trying to find things. Once I got crazed and dumped every box in the middle of the floor and threw the boxes out the door! My only defense on this is that I was very pregnant with Kate and Hannah HAD to have her Winnie the Pooh to take a nap.
Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad it all went well. The boot cover is probably behind something. They always are.

bevchen said...

I know exactly what you mean. We moved A LOT when I was a child (army family) and no matter how carefully we packed things were ALWAYS missing at the other end. I was devastated when we moved from Northern Ireland back to England and I found out my Paddington Bear was among the victims of the move. He never did turn up again either.

pitpony said...

Take heart!

Last time I moved, I couldn't find my bathroom scales for weeks. It was brilliant.

katyboo1 said...

We have still not found the dvd remote control from when we moved and that was two years ago now. Yours is probably on the run to find ours, which is hiding out in the hills somewhere, laughing and frolicking in the sunshine.

You must train the loyal hound to be your remote control. We have used Tilly instead.

Glad the birthday went well.xx

Welsh Girl said...

Mud - I don't think there is such a thing as a BAD coypdex memory...
Cathy - I think it sounds similar to yours. It was a white craft glue that you painted on with a brush and which smelt DELICIOUS!
Bevchen - this is a tragedy. That kind of loss could warp you for life. I hope someone found him and fed him marmalade sandwiches...
Pitpony - that's the ultimate weight loss isn't it?
Katyboo - the Loyal Hound has terrible taste in television. Always wanting to watch scooby doo and Lassie reruns. He is BANNED from the remote control!

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