Wednesday, 15 December 2010

In which I am invited to not one, but two parties....

Great Excitement at the hovel. Apparently, every year there is a party for those of us foolish to live in the middle of the forest and around a reservoir. This is held in the local village, in the glamorous venue of the education centre. Cue fluorescent lighting, strange acoustics and no heating..... This will be a first for me. Last year, having only lived here a measly 8 months, I was not eligble for an invitation, but this year I have made the list.

I feel touched to have been included, and faintly horrified on the basis that it might be one of those hideous sorts of parties where everyone mills about not being quite sure who to talk to and wondering if they dare risk eating the stale egg and cress sandwich curling up in the corner next to the sausage roll which has never seen a sausage in it's life.

However, I am very conscious of the fact that if you snub these things you in turn will be snubbed for ever, so I am going. Next question. What to wear?

I mean, my clothing of choice usually involves multiple jumpers and jeans but I know how the Welsh love to dress up. What if I turn up in jeans and they are offended that I haven't made any effort. Equally if I dust off the tiara and they are all wearing jeans I shall look like a complete idiot. It's a dilemma. I am thinking tiara with jeans might be the way forward. Any thoughts out there?

Also, do I take wine or mince pies or something? What is the etiquette on these things???

That is not my only clothing dilemma for the week. I have been asked to a party on Saturday night and the dress code is 'the twelve days of christmas'. Having checked the verses of this particular carol I see that there is a 50% chance that I shall have to go dressed as some kind of bird, there is the option of being a pear tree I suppose, or 5 gold rings. I can't go as one of the 'Ladies Dancing' as I have two left feet, no coordination and people will just think I am having an epileptic fit. Neither do I long to go as a milk maid but unless I am missing something my options are limited.

As some of you may know, I loathe and detest costume parties. I always, always get them wrong and make either too much effort or not enough. I need help. Step by step instructions on how to make a costume using nothing but what might be found around the house would be a good start. Anybody have any ideas????


Rob-bear said...

Congratulations on not one, but two, invitations. My goodness; if this keeps up you will need a social calendar.

As for dress, I'm the absolutely last soul to give advice to anyone. When one is a Bear, one's fur coat is all one has. Or needs. And not even PETA can get mad at me.

katyboo1 said...

Why not go as a leaping lord? That's going to cover the epilepsy thing nicely and you can wear trousers which will keep you warm and your modesty intact.

Welsh Girl said...

Rob-bear - I know, I am panicking slightly! I envy the fur coat option. I could do with one right now (peta or no peta)....

Now, shouldn't you be hibernating at the moment???

Katyboo - I can always rely on you for the best ideas! In the end I confess I was saved by a combination of large amounts of snow and flu, all rolled into one which meant I couldn't face the walk to the car, let alone the costume awaiting me at the end of it.... Happy Christmas Katyboo.

Rob-bear said...

Yes, I should be hibernating. But, as I've explained on my blog, trying to get into hibernation mode has been a real problem this year. Among other things, the solar alarm clock has been going off prematurely.

After Christmas, perhaps.

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