Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Bag of Joy

Here it is, the bag of joy that is all my very own. I am resisting the urge to sell it at the moment (even though they are going for over £200 on e bay!) as this is the only time in my whole life I have ever owned anything remotely fashionable and coveted.

It is also the only thing cheering me up from a hideous week of work ahead of me, a week made worse by the flu / cold / bubonic plague that has descended on me in the last 24 hours. I wish you all bags of joy - quite literally! I'm off again tonight to London, France tomorrow (just for the day you understand), then London again on Thursday before Dorset on Friday and back to Wales again on Friday night. The bag of joy is coming with me! Having said it was the only thing cheering me up, this isn't quite true. The best 12 hours of my year are lying just round the corner now.

You see, in between vast amounts of work, Thursday afternoon and evening are an interlude of great fabulousness. Princess Malice, a friend of many moons (genuinely called Princess Malice at one of her jobs which I can't be impressed enough by!!!) and I are going to The Berkeley Hotel for tea. I'm worried I won't actually be able to eat said tea because all the cakes and biscuits are in the shape of shoes, clothes and bags - designed by Alexander McQueen no less! Look -

Following this sybaritic indulgence we are going to the Annie Liebowitz exhibition and then, to round our day off we are going to see Eddie Izzard at the Lyric Theatre.

Now I love and adore Eddie, last time I saw him live I laughed so hard my stomach actually hurt, a lot, for a whole day afterwards. I am determined I shan't succumb to the plague as nothing on earth can make me miss this afternoon and evening of sheer heaven. I mean seriously - cakes, biscuits, shoes, bags, glamorous exhibitions and then comedy. Does it get any better?

Now, must head off and pack the bag of joy for my trip. Au revoir for now....


katyboo1 said...

Green. Green. Green. Have a fabulous time. It sounds like a pretty perfect time to me, and you have accessorized. That is truly chic!
I hope it is everything you want and more.

Home Office Mum said...

Sounds utterly fabulous. Have a shoe cake for me please.

justme said...

The bag is lovely, the cakes look divine and I hope you have a faulous time with your wonderfully named friend!

bevchen said...

I am totally jealous. SO jealous in fact that I can barely write this comment. The bag is gorgeous, the cakes look devine and I ADORE Eddie Izzard. I would quite possibly shell out my entire savings to go and see him. Yes, very jealous!
Hope you have a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

This made such delicious reading - I am so totally impressed (and jealous) with all the things you are going to do and places to see!
Have a wonderful time and don't think of us at all!
Wendy (Wales)

bonnie-ann black said...

put me in the EI adoring group; also the green with envy for the Tea group and the travelling group. however, i wish you joy of your handbag, and have no wishes to steal it from you at all.

Monika said...

The bag is GORGEOUS!!! And if it makes you happy, why not?

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