Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Snow, snow, snow

I'm having a rubbish 24 hours. Made it back from London yesterday and got my car stuck on my drive in the snow. I can officially tell you that there is nothing worse than feeling your car slide back down a hill with you in it, no ability to steer and no brakes! I finally ground to a halt and wedged the car into place with large rocks, having fallen spectacularly on my rear carrying said rocks into place. I then walked home the last quarter mile with my luggage and the loyal hound frisking around as if it was his birthday.

With some help from neighbours I got my car out of the ditch this morning and up the hill but I can't get it back off the hill so am stuck with walking on and off the mountain and borrowing other people's cars if I want to get anything done. Grrrr. I have spent the last hour walking to the nearest grit bin and filling my trusty wheelbarrow with grit to try and salt the road to the house in the hope that by tomorrow it will have melted a path for me to extract me and my car on. Unfortunately I just looked at tonight's forecast and it said more snow and temperatures of -6 so I may have to do the whole thing again tomorrow.

What is so ridiculous is that the snow in the valley has all melted. There is nothing more frustrating than having a view of green fields and being snowed in. It makes you feel like a completely inept GIRL!!!!!

Today, I really am Single and Surviving - Just.


katyboo1 said...

Poor you. That is not good. Not good at all. Have you taken some arnica for the arse?
If you're still snowed in tomorrow, mail me and I'll come with the kids and dig you out. They would love it, and the Loyal hound can help.

bevchen said...

We do not have snow. We have torrential rain. I'd prefer snow! Perhaps not the being snowed in part though. I shall pray your weather forecasters are wrong - they usually are ;-)

Home Office Mum said...

We don't have snow either. It actually sounds quite fun but I imagine it can suck quite a bit, especially when you run out of food and are forced to catch rats to stay alive (unless the Ocado man has snow tire, although am not sure ocado men go to Wales?)

Welsh Girl said...

Katy - I'm sort of sorry that the snow is going - I should have liked to have had your lot up here helping dig me out!!!

Bev - Snow is definitely nicer in towns, very MGM Christmas musical! I'll hope your rain goes away asap and is replaced by snow. I could send you some if you want?

Home Office Mum - I long for the Ocado man but they don't acknowledge Wales as a viable country - fiends!

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