Thursday, 4 December 2008

How Green is my Valley?

How green is my valley? I'll tell you - VERY GREEN with just a smattering of snow left, which is decreasing as I watch. Overnight, my world has turned to literal SLUSH. Everywhere I go, there is transluscent snow that soaks through everything and then freezes your feet off. For some reason it has stayed on the road for far longer than the fields, and if it freezes now I shall be ice bound, which will make a change to snow bound, but will be equally irritating. However, I won't complain or speculate on the worst case scenario, because I'M FREE!!!!!!! I can go anywhere, do anything, the world is my oyster and I'm going to shuck it and look for pearls.

Well, actually I'm going to go to the physio, the picture framer and the supermarket - oh, and the butcher and the post office.

Ah, the joys of freedom!


Marie said...

It's mia_oia here. For some reason I can no longer comment on your blog using my live journal ID. I googled the problem and apparently I'm not alone. It is a problem with
For the meanwhile I'll comment using my Google ID.

Glad you're out of the snow and enjoying the greenery again!!


justme said...

Yes snow in the country can be pretty......but it is NOT convenient at all!

Anonymous said...

Just install a chair lift down to the valley, that will cure the problem.

bevchen said...

I hate slush! Glad to hear you've been freed.

Welsh Girl said...

Hey Marie - I find commenting on your blog just as fiendish so am glad I'm not alone with the problem - welcome back though!

Justme - Oh My God! never a truer word spoken. Thank god for green grass

Anon - another genius idea that i shall immediately start implementing. Can the Loyal Hound have his own lift?

Bevchen - thanks!

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