Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A crafty nudge for Charity!

I know you all do a lot of stuff for charity but you might like to hop over to Lettuce Eating as she, along with others, has set up a fab charity auction involving handbags, which must always be good. What is even better is that they are vintage craft handbag things... Oh - just pop on over and have a look. I promise you will like them and they are raising money for Darfur which is always a good thing.

I am in the midst of packing as I have one of my leisurely trips ahead of me. "Where to?" you eagerly cry Why, in about an hour - Manchester and then on to London. Tomorrow Staffordshire, then Edinburgh on Thursday, then Pitlochry, Brora and Thurso on Friday(yes, it isn't possible to go much further north without gettting seriously wet feet!). Monday sees me back at Brora then on to Lancaster for Monday night and finally home to the hovel on Tuesday. The Loyal Hound has already packed his bag as he is accompanying me on this merry jaunt. I have packed very little but have strewn an awful lot of stuff around the house and lost all the chargers for my phone, laptop and camera.

We won't be back until next week so, unless I manage to track down a squirrel with internet access in the wilds of Scotland, I'll be back then... Must go and pack.


bevchen said...

Bloody hell. That's a lot of travelling. I hope you survive it all in one piece!

I would love to go and buy handbags for charity if it weren't for the whole lack of money thing.

Mrs Jones said...

I have forwarded the Maid4Aid website onto other forums where I know arty-craft types hang out. If I get my shit together I'll donate some of my jewellery (made by me, available at www.venerablebead.co.uk - shameless plug. Sorry.)

elizabethm said...

I have had to go for a little lie down after reading this itinerary. And where do you stay that allows you to take the loyal hound?

Home Office Mum said...

I don't even know where those places are (some of them!) What the hell do you do for a living that you go to such strange spots?

Will investigate the auction as I'm about to set one up of my own for my sailing thing. Not quite as worthy as Darfur but hopefully I'll still get takers!

Mr Farty said...

Oh what a good idea! The made4aid thing, not the driving all over the blooming country, although I've heard Embra is quite nice if you ignore the roadworks.

Milla said...

WG, the whole point of a holiday is to leave the dog behind!!! Have no money but tempted by handbags, first time I've been able to call handbags chariddy. So ... oh, it's only a click ...

Cathy said...

I do believe I need to pick up the Atlas and see where the heck you are going. I am envious though. I am dying to go to Scotland. Watch out for men up there some of them are a bit crazed. Before I married present darling, I had a penfriend on Lewis and after about 3 months of writing he had the nerve to ask if I'd send him a pair of my underwear! I gave him an earful ..well an eye full of chewing out. There are lonely sick "puppies" up in the wilds of the north! Be careful and hold on to your panties!

Rob-bear said...

Hope you and the Hound have a grand time.

See you when you return.

Took a quick look at made4aid. Bears don't normally need handbags, but there are some interesting bits of stuff available.

Welsh Girl said...

Bevchen - it's a miracle - I'm alive! On the handbag thing; perhaps we should set up a charity to keep you supplied with lovely things???
Mrs Jones - Aaah, I worship at the worktop of the Venerable Bead, as should all those other magpies out there. Thanks for forwarding the website on - you are officially a goddess.
Elizabeth M - Hah, as if the woman who walks hundreds of miles could possibly need a lie down! I stay with reluctant friends in London and am allowed to bring the hound inside, in the country, where I don't worry that he will be stolen, he sleeps in the car!
Home Office Mum - they are in the middle of NOWHERE.. Trust me, I went and checked. In answer to your question - I am an Inferior Designer, sorry, Interior Designer. I know. Disappointing isn't it.
Let me know when your site is up and I shall come over and spend what money I can scrape together.
Mr Farty - Embra - Roadworks - grrrr. What happened there? You used to be able to go from Leith to the West End in five minutes. Now it's a miracle if you can do it in a day. Sort it out please Mr Farty.
Milla - I am taking your advice and going on holiday this coming week and the Loyal Hound isn't coming. Last week was sadly work so he hitched along to keep me company.
Cathy - Do go, but be prepared to drive a lot seeing nothing but sheep, red deer and the occasional cyclist, oh, and midges.
Rob Bear - you can't be serious. All the best dressed bears have bags don't they??

Rob-bear said...

You asked: "All the best dressed bears have bags don't they??"

The answer is NO. We don't want to be confused with "bagmen" (political fund raisers) or "bag ladies" (street people). We're just Bears, and bags would only tangle us in the woods.

Glad you're having a dandy time (at least I hope you are). Is Loyal Hound doing well on the road trip?

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