Saturday, 13 September 2008

I'm a lumberjack and I don't care.....

Actually, I sort of do care. This is one of those days when I am very conscious that I am single and that it takes all day to survive. The weather, for once is glorious and it is a Saturday. One of the downsides of being single in the country is that the list of outdoor chores is horrendous and there is nobody else to help you with them. Here is my list for today:

* Stack 1 1/2 tons of logs for the winter. They are currently sitting in a damp heap in the middle of the yard and they need to be properly stacked if they are ever to dry out and be usable. If they aren't usable then there will be no fire in the office and I will be too cold to type! This is a horrible job. Filthy and slug ridden. I figure it will take me about two hours if I stick with it.

* Mow the lawn: I know, you could argue that this is not strictly necessary but I have worked hard on my garden and at the moment it looks a shambles and nags at me every time I look at it. The other upside is that hopefully I will only have to do this a couple more times this year.... This is going to take 45 minutes.

* Strimming: Again, it could be argued that this doesn't have to be done but if I don't want people to think that I live in a jungle of thistles, nettles and goosegrass then it has to be tackled. Also, if I don't do it now then next year the jungle will be so bad I may not actually be able to get home without a machete. Time it will take: 1 hour

* I have some winter salad that needs planting out if I am to actually have any greens in the winter. I should also harvest the onions and the last of the potatoes. Oh, and the remaining carrots. I haven't looked at the vegetable garden recently but expect that it needs weeding as will the flowerbeds. It'll be another 45 minutes gone before I know it.

* Paint the front of the house: I have been doing this on and off all summer. It's a hideous job that involves precarious ladder balancing and very tired arms. The first stint I tackled with great glee until I woke the next morning thinking I had broken my arm because it was so stiff. I have nearly finished the front and only have another 6 faces to the house to do (it's a weird shape). Improving the house is part of the rental deal I have - I do the maintenance and it keeps the rent low so this can't be avoided. Time to finish the front - 1 1/2 hours I hope.

I won't even mention the washing and the fact that the windows are filthy. They will have to wait though I should tackle the washing as the sun is out and it may actually dry on the line.

I'm tired just thinking about it and try not to consider how much quicker it would be if there was somebody else here - not that I want somebody just for their chore abilities but that has to be an upside!

Right, enough whinging. I'd better get my checked shirt and braces on - it's back to the logpile for me. My moan is officially over and I am going to go and polish up my lustre and enjoy the fact that the chores can be done in the sunshine. Have a good Saturday everyone.


Bevchen said...

Umm, I'm not sure having a man would actually help you there. I can count on one hand the number of men I know who'll help with the laundry...

Welsh Girl said...

Fair point! At least there would be somebody to notice all the slaving that I might do though....

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