Saturday, 27 September 2008

The Grand Tour

Tomorrow I depart on a grand tour of Britain for work. I have to go to Inverness, Edinburgh, Lancaster and Devon in 7 days. So, not much driving then.

The Loyal Hound has already packed his case, I have done nothing about my packing.

Due to the fact that my IT department is useless (possibly becasue they don't actually exist) there will be no blogging possibilities whilst I travel the country waving at the people.

But don't despair - I'll be back...........


Mr Farty said...

Hi from Embra!


bevchen said...

I'll be in Edinburgh on Thursday!

Loops said...

I just found your blog and have spent all afternoon reading archive. I love the way you write - very entertaining. It's very NWM - I hope you take that as a compliment

Welsh Girl said...

Mr Farty - Embra? Why?
Bevchen - I was there on the very self same day! how did we miss each other?
Loops - Hello - you have inspired an entire blog entry due to my backwards knowledge of abbreviations. Hope this doesn't put you off and that you come back soon

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