Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Remember to breathe - Tick.

I have worked like a whirling dervish today. 'In' piles bearing the dust of centuries, have become crisp 'out' piles of post. I love productive days like this. To kick start my whirling dervish activities, I put on a tall hat and a long coat and spun my way over to the barn where I composed a long list of things that I have to get done this week. The list has ruled my day and no deviation from it is allowed. I'm strict with myself on things like that. However, I do have some sneaky tactics that I use when making lists.

The thing with lists is to put EVERYTHING onto them in order to get a really good sense of achievement by being able to cross them off. Start with 'go to office'. Excellent - I have arrived in the office and already can tick something off. Hurrah. Carry on with list by adding on the the various tiresome work related things for clients, remembering to breathe, eating lunch, talking to the loyal hound, checking the blog, writing lists etc etc. All too soon, I have an overwhelmingly long list but a list that I can instantly put checks against.

Reviewing it now, I can confirm that I have eaten lunch, remembered to breathe, and what's more done enormous amounts of work. There is a huge pile of post next to me ready to go to the post office tomorrow. My books are balanced (Georgette Heyer on top of Peter Ho Davies since you asked) and my e mails and phone calls are replied to. I have placed orders and paid bills and given my parents coffee when they did a drive by with some bags of coal and an apple tree for me (what can I say, they go shopping in odd places).

All this gives me a glowing feel of satisfaction and the perfect justification to go and meet a friend at a nearby reservoir and take the loyal hound for a walk while I pick blackberries. I am going to make blackberry whisky tonight.

I think I'll put going for a walk and make blackberry whisky on my list, then I can tick them off tomorrow morning.......


katyboo1 said...

I too make lists like this. Isn't it brilliant?
Well done for G Heyer. I got a copy of Charity Girl for 20p today from the funny shelves in our co-op where they have second hand books. I was well chuffed. Unfortunately I have two library books, a book about pirates and an 800 page epic for Amazon Vine to finish first, but I will get there.

Sounds like a very satisfying sort of day.

Home Office Mum said...

I love days like this. Love them. It's the warm glow of virtuousness that does it. However, be warned. A good list almost invariably demands a slovenly, slothful day shortly thereafter and you'll feel awful. The only way to get through dire days like these is to eat a lot of chocolate and drink much wine. That way you'll chastise yourself further and feel inspired to have another good list day the next day. It's the circle of life.

Welsh Girl said...

Katyboo - I don't know how you find the time to do everything. Hope you get to charity girl soon though - highly entertaining and a bargain for 20p! My co-op scarcely manages to sell food, let alone books. Perhaps I should move to Glenfield?

Home Office Mum - I have the wine on standby. Today is not going so well - e mail won't work, internet is loopy and I am paying for my virtuous day in spades. Darn it.

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