Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Honest Guv!

So, Just Me Really (I can't do the links but she is over there on the left of the page), has tagged me with an award. Here it is and can I just say that I rather like it. I love those old signs so to get one as an award is a double whammy.
Anyway, it turns out that there are rules to this award thingummy. I have to tell you ten honest things about myself and then ruin other bloggers' days by making them 'fess up as well. So, here goes:

1: As a small child I announced that I would like to be called 'Alopecia'. I had no idea what it meant and thought it was very glamorous. My family have not stopped laughing about this ever since.

2: I get horrible hairs on my chin that I pluck out as soon as I see them. Apparently this is a result of having polycistic ovaries but I am paranoid that I will miss one and then people will talk amongst themselves about my hairy chin. Aaargh - I can't believe I told you that.

3: I didn't vote in the last election even though I told everyone I did. I lost the postal vote form thing. Now I am a firm believer in voting because if you don't vote then you can't really complain about the government you get. Consequently I have had to lie about my ballot status in order to whinge about the world today and point out to everybody how it would be so much better if they only made me chancellor, or just the Emperor Ming.

4: I have lost a ring that Crazy Frog lent me and haven't confessed to it yet. I keep hoping it will turn up even though it is a YEAR since I lost it (I took it off while I was making Beef Wellington and never saw it again. I suspect I cooked it in the Beef Wellington and somebody ate it....)

5: When I was small, and special boy was still smaller, we were playing superman in his bedroom. This involved jumping off the top bunk and pretending we could fly. The bed had a removable ladder with metal hooks which was lying on the floor with the hooks face up. Special Boy leapt, landed on the ladder and very nearly lost his eye as he impaled his face on the hooks. He still has a scar through his eyebrow to this day. I made up a totally different story to tell my mother as we went to hospital so that I wouldn't get into trouble.

6: I once worked in John Lewis in the run up to Christmas. My very first morning I overslept and was late in. In my defence this is because I was sleeping in a box room with no windows and I had no idea it was daytime! However, when I turned up to work the manager gave me this look of utter disdain and said "Overslept did we?" in this incredibly sarcastic way. I was so vexed to be caught out that I found myself saying "Actually no, my grandmother died last night" At this point all my grandparents had already died so I didn't feel this was going to jinx any of them but I spent the next few weeks explaining why I didn't go to the funeral....

7: I am very bad at returning books that I am lent. I have very good intentions but if I don't get said book back within a week of borrowing it then it seems to make it's way onto my shelves and never goes home to it's real owner. Considering that I hate it when I don't get books back which I lend out, this is rather a repellent habit.

8: I always wished I had titian coloured hair but I was too frightened to dye it in case it looked mad on me. I hate that I didn't take even small risks like that when I was younger (or even now), instead I always tried to do the right thing and consequently missed out on all sorts of excitement (see point 9)

9: I was once offered a full time job cooking for a Senator but I turned it down because my parents would have hunted me down and killed me if I didn't go back to University and I was too chicken to tell them that I was wanted to defer. I still wonder what my life would have been if I had accepted that job.

10: I don't seem to have a biological clock. I don't long for babies though I do want a family (if you see what I mean). Sometimes I wonder if that is why I am still single.

So, there you are, 10 random but true facts about me, just for you. So in the name of passing these things on I nominate Katyboo, Bevchen, At Home & Happy, Mr Farty and Home Office Mum to take up the baton and show me how this should be done.


Home Office Mum said...

Well thank you for that. I think.

So are you a cook by trade? What with all the wonderful feasts you write about and the potential job cooking for a senator. Very impressive.

Mr Farty said...

Alopecia is a lovely name. Sounds like one of Roald Dahl's characters.

I've long since stopped worrying about my hairy chin.

I decided that if I didn't vote for X, then I had every right to whinge when X was elected. (Yes, I didn't vote either.)

I think I'll put my shop work in my own post.

Last week I discovered I've still got two or three books that I borrowed years ago. Oops.

It wasn't Senator Obama was it? That would make a great after-dinner story.

katyboo1 said...

Cool! I've had a go. Take a look. I love the name alopecia. If only I weren't having any more kids I'd name child number four in your honour.

Anonymous said...

No.2 - Priceless!

No.8 - I've always fancied titian hair too but being blonde has been okay.

No.10 - Agree about the lack of biological clock thing, but you've probably got plenty of time left in case you change your mind.

Wendy (Wales)

justme said...

I LOVE your answers! But doesn't every woman over a certain age (not even sure what that is!) have odd chin hairs? And do we not all pluck? At least I HOPE we do.! AND.....I really, REALLY think you should dye your hair! Go on! Whats the worse thing that could happen?? Go for it. I dare you.....

Welsh Girl said...

Home Office Mum - only in the winter and just for one person. The rest of the time I am busy with my drug lord empire!!!

Mr Farty - President Obama - now that would have been great (and wouldn't I be kicking myself now!)

Katyboo - I'm heading over now. Hurry up and have that fourth child so that my true name can finally realise it's true potential!

Wendy - honestly, the confessional has nothing on a blog! The Catholic church should adopt them immediately.

Brom said...

Arrived here via Mr Farty who attracts all the best people to his blog.

Plus I could not resist the Welsh thing being of similar origin myself.

My Mam had those chin hairs. Hey perhaps we're related??

bevchen said...

I didn't vote in the last election either.

I have now done this. And it took me forever. Waah!

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