Thursday, 15 January 2009

If I were a lady of leisure I would.....

My feet are cold. Just thought I'd share that with you. I'm in the office and have the wood burner going but I have just put the last log on and that means I shall have to brave my way across the yard through the driving rain and wind to fetch more. Eeeugh. Where are servants when you want them?

So, this is what I would like to do with the rest of my afternoon.

Have a wonderful, leisurely hot bath. I adore baths in the middle of the day. They feel so luxurious and faintly rebellious. I would put in my peppermint and lavender space NK bath oil and read A thousand Splendid suns.

Once I'd emerged clean and shiny and with warm feet I'd slather myself in Chanel Mademoiselle Body Cream and put on my new trousers and jumper that I bought in the sales (though naturally, they weren't actually on sale) and go and make tea and toast and eat it whilst watching Memories of a Geisha which I sky + at Christmas and haven't had time to watch.

At some point I would have to wrap up in every waterproof I own and take the Loyal hound for a walk. Perhaps I shall do this before the bath? Then i'd light the fire before going up for my bath.

Come 7.00 o'clock I would pile into my trusty charabang and head off into the hills where I am having supper with a friend.

That would be heavenly.

In actual fact I am going to have to stay in the office and work all afternoon, oh and fetch the logs. However, at least I know how I would spend my day if I was a 'lady of leisure'. How would your perfect afternoon pan out? Go on, spill the beans.....


katyboo1 said...

I did have a bath this afternoon. While Oscar was supposed to be having a nap. He woke up just as I was on page three of my book. Arse. Feck. Arse.

I would lie in bed with a huge pile of snacks, hot water bottles, a spigot delivering hot coffee on tap and lots of lovely books. I would wear decadent pyjamas and huge fluffy socks.


cynicalscribble said...

Perfect afternoon:
Glastonbury festival (when it's sunny!) recovering in the sun with music, beer & mates. It doesn't get any better.

justme said...

Well its my birthday today, and I have BEEN a lady of leisure for the day......but sadly, I have a cold,and have not really felt like doing ANYTNING. So I have frittered away my time on the internets. I might have a bath later! And a word of warning. Memories of a Geisha the film, is not NEARLY as good as the book!
I thought of you a couple of days ago when I bought myself a lovely big Red handbag! It wasn't the Gap one tho!

Home Office Mum said...

My lady of leisure would be:

At a boutique hotel somewhere lovely
Lie in
Breakfast in bed (lots of pastries and coffee)
Long walk
Spa (massage, facial, pedi, body scrub - the works but not so much that I feel tired out from it)
Relax with a book with a cup of tea in front of a fire
Dress up
Drink cosmopolitans
Dance till my feet hurt

Mr Farty said...

I must admit your perfect pm sounds good, but mine would be:

Toddle down to the beach with a string bag in one hand and a screwdriver in the other.
Stand waist-deep in crystal-clear rock pools hunting for oysters and prying them off the rocks.
Pass them to chef to chill and open.
Take Mrs F by the hand and paddle through the warm, ankle-deep water of Morgan Bay lagoon.
Watch the ickle fishes swim around our toeses.
Then in the evening, hop in the back of the 4x4 and zip up to the top of the Krantzes.
Knock back a couple of alcopops while we watch a whale shepherding her calf around the headland.
Back to the hotel for those chilled oysters and Amarula on ice.

I miss South Africa, sigh.

bevchen said...

ounds good. I would LOVE a bath! I haven't had one for over 2 years! No, I'm not smelly - it's just that we only have showers here. *sigh*. I'm moving out soon though. Maybe I'll find a flat with a bath.

Welsh Girl said...

Now those sound like pretty perfect afternoons to me (well apart from being interrupted in the bath by Oscar!!).

Roll on the day when we can all have those afternoons. It's definitely not going to be today. Grrr

Loops said...

It's MEMOIRS of a Geisha! And justme is right - you should read the book first. The film is good but I think it would be difficult to understand if you have not read the book. IMO

Welsh Girl said...

loops - darn it! i have to do homework? That's not leisurely, not leisurely at all!

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