Friday, 23 January 2009

Musings on the divide between those who do, and those who don't have to.

So, this is the last cooking job of the year. Thank God! 16 people for a weekend is not my idea of heaven however my menu planning has been rather cunning and most of tonight's dinner is done in advance. This did involve working in the kitchen until 10pm last night mind you.

I've made a delicious pudding for tonight - Cointreau and Orange Jelly with grapes and stem ginger. It set in about 5 minutes. I mean I turned around to talk to the Loyal Hound, went to fetch the pudding to put it in the fridge and it was set! Jelly never does that when you want it to. Let's hope that this doesn't mean that it is revolting because it has too much gelatine in it. The main course is lamb tagine, which I have cooked already so that the flavours can develop so that makes that a bit easier as I only have to do the couscous and vegetables now for the main course. The starter is a doddle and so now I just have to do the nibbles and I'm sorted for this evening. Only two cooked breakfasts, a lunch, tea and another 4 course dinner to do.....

Once the cooking is done, I don't have a lovely relaxing time to enjoy my new found freedom. Oh no. The next fortnight is pretty hideous. I am in Scotland next week, then London and Dorset the week after. I know it is all money in the bank, for which I should be grateful as we are now officially in recession, but I confess that I am tired just thinking about it.

There are some women out there who seem to live their life without this kind of manic running around to stay ahead of themselves to afford their book / chocolate / cashmere habits. Instead, they drift around after school looking pretty, marry somebody wealthy and never have to work - EVER! They then spend years complaining that their nanny is unreliable, the new Chanel collection is unwearable and their holiday house is SUCH a chore to maintain. They wouldn't know an electricity bill if it jumped up and bit them and the idea of finding a cheap flight to try and go on holiday just once every two years would be laughable.

How is it that I wasn't one of those and why were they the 'lucky' ones? I don't get it. They aren't necessarily any brighter, funnier, or better read than you or I and I'm not saying that their lives are perfect, or that they are necessarily happy. In fact from the few I have met, they are usually dissatisfied. Perhpas that's the thing that gets me about this peculiar category of women; they don't realise how lucky they are.


bevchen said...

To be quite honest if I didn't have to work and swanned around all day complaining about the nanny I would bored senseless!

katyboo1 said...

I am so coming for dinner at your house one day. Don't be surprised when I turn up with my Dick Whittington hankie containing a knife and fork.

When Jason complains about the fact that we are not independently wealthy I simply tell him that if we had it now it would not make us happy. We would be miserable. I am sure we will be wealthy one day, but when we are mature enough of mind to enjoy it properly.

I'm sure that it's just the same for you.

justme said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. It is just weird that some people seem to have everything drop into their laps without effort......But I have to say, all the evidence is that that kind of fortune does NOT make people happy. And I guess there are people who are a lot worse off than most of us too.
Your menu sounds excellent (although as I do not eat meat, not quite for me}. What is it you do for a living when you are not cooking?

The Singlutionary said...

There are times when I am so worn out and tired and feel so neglected and undervalued that I totally know what you mean.

But then I think about all the (rich and not rich) women I know who (do and do not) work and I realize that many of them are just as miserable as I am. Or maybe more so.

If you get really really overwhelmed by which color of matching super expensive sheets/towels to use in the guest cottage and start crying and you just feel so alone and your kids come running out to talk to you because the nanny can't seem to keep a better eye on them. Well, you're a pretty miserable person. I'll give you that.

But the rest of us are laughing at you a little bit.

Welsh Girl said...

Bevchen - seriously, you would hold onto your job that you don't know that you like rather than loll about drinking macchiatos between buying Laboutins and telling off the Nanny? You are made of stronger stuff than I suspected. Hurrah for you!

Katyboo - you, and your Dick Whittington handkerchief are welcome whenever you can run away! Now, exactly when are you and Jason planning on being ready for this money? I think I'll be mature enough by next week though I'm not sure the cosmos that plans these things is on the same page as me unfortunately. :)
Justme - It's true. I've worked for some very rich people and only known two couples who were genuinely happy despite their wealth!
Singlutionary - Hello! Thanks for dropping in. You're right of course. I have genuinely known a couple of people who were almost reduced to tears by that very scenario. I had to try not to cry with laughter!

bevchen said...

Ah well, I never said I would stay in *that* job. But seriously, a girl can only drink so many macchiatos. I'd fire the nanny and take care of the kids myself. I Katy's lot are anything to go buy I'd at least be entertained ;-)

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