Friday, 2 January 2009

Life, or something like it.

Life and some sense of normalcy has finally resumed. I don't know that I can remember how to do a normal life? I have remembered where the office is and spent time in it doing little work but lots of faffing. I have been all the way to the local town to do essential shopping only to discover that I left my bag of joy with it's accompanying cash and cards in my kitchen in the hovel. It's a good start. Really.

I managed to irritate everybody over Christmas. You know how there is always somebody who everyone gets cross with when you are all together at Christmas? This year it was me. I think the excessive tiredness of not a day off in three weeks combined with a ridiculous diary during Christmas meant that I was so tired I couldn't remember how to be tactful, charming or much else for that matter. Plus the fact that the rest of my family are mean and nasty and were picking on me.... WAAAAAAH.

Chutney Mary insisted that we all get up at seven o'clock to view her precious ones open their stockings. The boys couldn't have cared less whether we were there or not and I was overwhelmed with bitterness that Chutney Mary had not even tried to seduce us out of bed with coffee and freshly baked pastries. Having got to bed at around 1.30 am the night before and been awake every hour through the night (no, not listening for Father Christmas you muppets), I was most grumpy.

Box of Frogs was possibly on drugs - I've never known her to pick so few fights but she did tell me THREE TIMES IN A ROW that she had infinitely better dress sense than me. All this whilst she was wearing a jumper with pigs knitted on it. I'm sorry. I have bad dress sense and you wear a jumper with farm animals on it? Actually, I think you'll find I have totally indifferent dress sense. I wear clothes so that I'm not naked. I like fabrics that feel nice and if my budget allowed I'd only have cashmere jumpers. I don't do dresses and I struggle to do skirts but I NEVER, EVER wear anything with animals embroidered on it. I studiously ignored her for at least an hour after this, and then told Chutney Mary all about it who kept making loud pointed remarks in front of the Box of Frogs about the fact that I was about to put a coat on to walk the loyal hound and perhaps she should help me to choose it.... Aaaah, the joys of a family at Christmas.

I've made only one New Year's resolution which is to find a house to buy rather than continuing renting. I like this kind of resolution. There is very little I can do about it but the prospect of achieving it is nice.

I braved the shops on Tuesday to try and get one of those little notebook computers to have in the house. This is mainly so that I can blog at all hours of the day and night without having to go over to the office but I think that work can pay for it as it sounds like a work kind of thing! I nearly stabbed my pen through the assistant's eye in PC World due to the extreme irritation that she engendered just by talking. Bear in mind that I had had to sign up in a queue just to get her to consider helping me, whereupon she completely ignored everything I said, tried to sell me things that I didn't want and wouldnt' tell me how much things cost other than an airy 'oh around a £100, around £1,00000.00 etc etc. I should have learnt my lesson when the last PC World assistant I spoke to thought I was a hobbit. Needless to say I left without the netbook thingummy and with a blood pressure that could kill lesser mortals.

Anyway, I am in a white world now. The temperature this week has averaged a delightful -3 in the day and -7 at night. My water took two days of lugging buckets of water up from the stream and boiling them up to defrost but what the hell, that's what life on the hillside can be like. I stayed with friends on New Year's Eve and woke in the morning to find the most amazing Jack Frost ice patterns on the inside of the window - they were so thick I couldn't see out! Each day the frost layers itself over the previous layer so that I woke this morning and though it had snowed the world was so white. So, here i am in my silent and frozen world and loving every minute of it.

Happy New Year.


justme said...

Ignore th PC world people. If all you want is a simple notebook for E mail and Blogging, take yourself to and have a look at theirs. I have had mesh computers for YEARS and never had a problem with them, and compared to PC world prices, I think they are excellent value. Also, have a look on Amazon. They have some bargains at the moment too!
I had a computer near disaster just before xmas myself and have realised that I need to replace mine soon.
And thank you for your kind comment on my Blog! I often wonder that anyone bothers to read it, it can be so dreary sometimes!

Home Office Mum said...

WElsh, I too was the family pariah this Christmas. I had my sister and brother in law spend two evenings on the trot shouting me down and basically telling me that I was a competitive pushy mother and a crappy, feminist wife who should pull herself towards herself. And I was the one providing their meals. I should have put some ground glass in it.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back and that you had a wonderful Christmas!!!
Come on then, put up some pics of your frosted windows so I can see if they beat mine. Am beginning to look like some poor homeless person in so many layers of clothes to try and keep warm.
Happy New Year to you and Loyal Hound. x

Anonymous said...

Sorry - just left my comment and forgot to put my name.

Wendy (wales)

katyboo1 said...

Hooray! You're back.
Goddam relatives with animal jumpers. There is no excuse. Even John Craven just sticks to loud patterns. Clearly her brain has turned to swill due to the pigs.

My evil relatives were nice this year. I am now worried that they may have terminal diseases and not be telling me about it.

bevchen said...

Happy New Year! I'm still waiting for my life to return to normal. It's currently snowing, which is very un-normal for my part of Germany. (Is un-normal a word? It is now!)

Welsh Girl said...

Just Me - wil do. Anything rather than go to PC world (which I have decided stands for Prats Confined World).
Home Office Mum - I'm glad I wasn't the only one. Well done for resisting the ground glass - I came pretty close to such devious results - that or a bout of tears!
Wendy - I did take some photos of the frosty windows at my house - I'll see if I can track them down....
Katyboo - fiendish relatives, there is definitely a plot afoot. Trust nobody!!!!
Bevchen - OOoh, a snowy Germany, hope you got some thermals for Christmas.

bevchen said...

No thermals no. But I did get fluffy slippers. They are on my feet as I type :-D

sa said...


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