Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Paper Mountains

I am sitting at my desk and between me and my computer is a mountain of receipts that I absolutely have to wade through. For the last six weeks I have shoved receipts into every pocket, niche, book and bag that has been nearby, saying to myself as I did so that I would remember exactly why that one was important. I have finally gathered them up and am faintly horrified at the scale of the job ahead. So, naturally instead of dealing with them I thought I would blog instead. Me? Evade important stuff? How could you suggest such a thing.

In addition to the receipt mountain, to the left of my computer lie last years accounts that need to be finished and delivered to the accountant. I had good intentions of getting this done by the first week of December but the will to do so evaporated like snow on a Bahamaian beach and there the pile sits, staring balefully at me whilst I alphatesize my rubbish and do everything I can think of rather than my accounts.

I know I will be on a high for at least a week when I finally tackle both these piles. They have been niggling at the back of my mind for so long now that the sense of relief when they are done will be overwhelming. I may even do a jig in the snow to celebrate.....

Right. I'm going to do it now. Really, I am......

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