Thursday, 2 April 2009

I have Wii'd myself....

On Tuesday, work necessitated an overnight trip to London. Blah blah. All very unthrilling. Routine even. I was not even going to be there for 24 hours. I rang one of my endlessly patient friends to find out if I might stay and headed South.

Tuesday evening began innocuously enough. A glass of red wine, a quick catch up on events since we had last spoken. That is when the trouble flared up. The last time we had spoken had been her birthday and her boyfriend had given her a Wii machine thingummy.

She extolled its virtues to me. She suggested I try it. I viewed it askance. Such a thing was surely not for me? She started plugging things in and it seemed that it would be rude, churlish even, to refuse to play. In my innocence I imagined that five minutes or so would prove to be enough and I would then be able to return to my wine glass and the armchair. Fool. Fool. Fool. How little I knew.

It began innocently enough with a game of bowls. My kind hostess told me with glee that she thrashed her boyfriend at this on a regular basis, consequently I had no hopes for my own prowess. But then the seduction began - STRIKE!!! The sound of cheering crowds, scores in the hundreds. Best of three turned into best of five. I was winning. I was hooked.

It might have been during the last, hotly contested match that I strained a muscle in my bottom. I hadn't worried about this since I didn't think I had any muscles there but it turns out that I do, and it is a muscle required for bowling victory. Ouch. But like a true sportsman (ok, sportswoman) I persevered through the twinge and carried on.

When my friend stopped to answer the phone I started playing Baseball. Now that is hard and it turns out that there are a whole set of muscles in my shoulder blade that are required to play it, muscles I have not used for a long time. Muscles that are protesting.

It didn't end there. Exhausted after the fourth innings I switched to what I presumed would be a leisurely game of golf. Not that I have ever played golf in my life mind you. I hit a Birdie. I don't know what that is but it was very exciting. I also hit a tree and hit the ball straight down the fairway onto the green. I was 1 under par. NO idea whether that is good or bad but I was addicted.

After a brief stop for food we resumed and decided to take up skiing. We had downhill races, we slalomed. We swore at one another and we shouted at the screen in frustration. By the end I was exhausted. It would have been less tiring to do the real thing.

That was just the beginning of the end. This morning I can scarcely walk. Little old ladies with two walking sticks travel with more agility than I do. Entire muscle groups that I thought had retired for good have come out to play and cripple me in the process. I have Wii'd myself, and I'm paying the price.

God it was fun though.


Anonymous said...

Yes, never has playing video games hurt so much!! And the Wii mocks you. Evil bastard.

Titian red said...

Girlchild is determined to humiliate me with her WII, I was fairly sure I wasn't going to let it happen. After this post I am certain ! Thanks for the warning.

justme said...

I love my Wii, and can also convince myself that it is actually doing me good, as it does indeed use muscles that I seem not to use any other time. The Baseball is a KILLER!
So, have you ordered one for yourself yet? They are WONDERFULLY obsessive.

elizabethm said...

Yep, we had a visitor with one at New Year. Just a half hour or so - three days later we went to bed. Fearsomely addictive and so delicious to find something like this where there were games I was better at than my adult children! Sweet, sweet.

katyboo1 said...

My hips have never been the same since I did hula hooping.

Try to avoid it until the initial pain is a dim and distant memory.

Watching the kids box is worthwhile. I will send you an invite.

A Little Gnocchi said...

Okay, stumbled on your blog and laughed out loud at this description of your wii experience. Thanks for sharing. I'll know not to touch the bloody thing. Heroin and Wii, both to be avoided.

Welsh Girl said...

Beki - I see you have been there and discovered the cruelty of this mild mannered game.
Titian Red - Happy to help! You can't say you weren't warned.
Justme - it is oddly tempting but I am saving for the house so am resisting the urge to go and spend spend spend....
ElizabethM - the thing should come with a health warning and a second warning that you may lose weeks of your life to it without noticing it.... It is hugely satisfying when you win though. Ahh, the taste of victory is sweet
Katyboo - there's hulahooping????
A little Gnocchi - thanks for tripping over me!! Come back soon - pretty please.

Rob-bear said...

Wii?? I still haven't recovered from walking the dog that came to stay with us for a week. See the series starting with "A dog, a Dog; My Kingdome for a Dog."

Welsh Girl said...

Rob-bear - OUCH! Just hopped over to yours and you have my sympathies. I suggest a hamster as a suitable pet. It requires much less energy on your part.

Rob-bear said...

A hamster is what a Bear has for a mid-morning snack. Hardly a suitable companion animal. ;)

Rob-bear said...

P.S.: When I suggested to Joanne Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 that if Charlie was too much of a bother, he might fit into my kingdom, she replied, "Don't tempt me Rob-bear, don't tempt me!"

I exited, very quickly and discretely.

Anonymous said...


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