Friday, 3 April 2009

Random Fact Friday

For your amusement here are some random facts that I have in the dustier corners of my brain. Naturally I have no idea if they are true, I just know that I know these things, and now, so do you.

* Sweden consumes more ketchup per head than any other country in the world.

* Humans share 98% of the same DNA as a banana. I know some people who possibly share more than this.

* Banana fact two - you can't take bananas onto a boat in the Whitsunday islands as they are considered horribly unlucky.

*France is the only country where you can legally marry a dead person. (Why? why would you - and who?)

* A pregnant woman can take a pee anywhere she wants in Britain. The rest of us must cross our legs or risk arrest.

* You can pay approx £1.20 for a bottle of Evian water Evian is NAIVE spelt backwards...

* You would have to count from one to a thousand before you have reach a number with the letter A in it.

* More people are killed by coconuts than sharks. In Thailand, if you are hit by a coconut people won't help you because it is said that only evil people are hit by coconuts.

* It is against the law to die inside the houses of parliament. Would you care though as you would, presumably, be dead?

* Ants can survive for two weeks underwater

* There is a law in Chicago that forbids you from eating in a place that is on fire. How good is the food there that people stay eating when the place is burning up around them?

I know that there is other totally random stuff jumbled up in the odd sock drawer that is my head but I can't sort them out right now. This is my token effort at a spring clean for my brain!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that in the state of Missouri (here is the good old USofA) that it is illegal to sell butter substitute, such as I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!!

Welsh Girl said...

Beki - what? I can't believe it!!! Sounds like a good law to me actually. I hate 'butter substitutes'.

Anonymous said...

In Washington state it is illegal to have sex with a virgin.

justme said...

I didn't know ANY of those things! How informative. Mud in puzzled as to how anyone ever becomes NOT a virgin in Wahington State in that they go off on holiday to do the deed? Or possibly just break the law!

Cathy said...

Are we not sure about number one refering to men only?
I shutter to think of what may be on the books here in West Virginia as we are one of the "Whitest" states in the USA. It's too scary to imagine.

elizabethm said...

I strongly suspect that many of these are you having a late April fool on us. Only evil people are killed by coconuts? Well, on second thoughts that is obviously true.

The Singlutionary said...

You can't sell "dildos" in Texas. You can, however, sell "educational models". There was a documentary made on it which I have never seen but which might be hilarious!

Rob-bear said...

Aside: What news of the house?

Welsh Girl said...

Mud - there must be a lot of parties across the state line in Washington....
Cathy - I think number two definitely refers to men!
Elizabeth - all true - I promise. Would I lie to you???
Singlutionary - aaah, the joys of bending the rules!
Rob-bear - all is progressing. I'm hoping to complete at the end of the month. Not sure whether I'm excited or terrified. I decided to ignore the surveyor after taking two builders round who both said he was talking nonsense..

Rob-bear said...

Good luck with the project. Buying a house is an experience which is both exciting and terrifying, I've been through that on a number of occasions.

I hope your purchasse proves to be more exciting than terrifying.

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