Thursday, 19 June 2008

Lost the will to work

OK, so I worked like a dervish all morning, honestly, I did. Well apart from oversleeping and starting much later than I will admit to (10.15 - oops!). Having juggled various things with effortless ease (Cirque de Soleil look here) I then made the fatal mistake of surfing.

That's it - rest of the afternoon was a washout. I have played here, played there, and failed to finish what I was supposed to. And I don't really care that much either. The only downside to surfing (particularly blogs) is that I end up feeling everybody else out there is funnier, more accomplished and better at wasting time than I am. I thought I was good at frivolity and frittering......

OK. this is it. I am going back to work. Stop distracting me.....................

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