Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Waiting for the garage

Who knew that the moment I would put ethereal ink to fictional page would be sitting, waiting for my car to be serviced in the Skoda showroom? Turns out they have free web access along with coffee bars, magazines and very slow mechanics. Good cars though.

There is a nice anonymity to the idea of blogging. That everyone might read your entry, or nobody at all. You could argue it is the perfect diary form. Let's face it if you write a paper diary you are always writing it with a view to the fact that somebody may read it, whilst pretending that you think nobody ever will. So I say, go for broke, write online and see what happens. Enjoy the idea of a lonely farmer in New Zealand tripping over your typing in the middle of the night.

Having thought it would be tricky to set all this up, it turns out to be alarmingly easy so here I am, and there are you. This is the point where we shake hands and wonder if we have forgotten each others names already.

A few things first. I wanted to call this blog a variety of fabulous different things, but none of them were available. I loved that. It says that there a wealth of people out there with imaginations working overdrive who are writing and reading in every spare minute they can pretend they are working.

That digresses slightly from the point though -the title I settled for in the end perhaps implies that my marital status (or not) is of overwhelming importance in my life and it isn't. That's kind of the point really. Shall I set the scene for you?

I'm 35 (just), single and always have been. I live on my own, with a dog. I have family and friends and a company that I have set up and kept running (miraculously) for three and a half years now. And I'm still trying to work out what all this means for my life, and why it is that though I am debt free, have a career of sorts and all the other things we are encouraged to want I can feel restless and panicked that I am missing something in the big picture.

Unfortunately for you, my car is now ready so this is the end of my first post. Better than having the last post I suppose.........

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