Thursday, 26 June 2008

Waxing Guilty....

So having had a fabulous rant about the evil demented beauticians who have decided to take a sicky and so can't sort out the aesthetic disaster that is me, I now have to grovel, eat humble pie and generally say sorry.

So they still can't give me an appointment but they are sending me two spa day passes to make up for ruining my holiday (and possibly my life, who knows what could have happened if the appointment had been met.) So now, I feel slightly guilty, faintly chirpier and less afraid of crossing their threshold again.

Horrible thought has just occurred. What if this is a double bluff? They are luring me in with a free pass in order to drown me in the whirlpool and melt the remains away in the wax bucket? The ultimate revenge for the irritated and irritating customer. Aaaargh.

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