Friday, 29 August 2008

Don't curdle the curd

The pressure is getting to me. The show is tomorrow and I still have to make the lemon curd if I am to have an entry by tomorrow morning. The prize avoiding jam is sitting in it's jar waiting to be snubbed, but I have high hopes that the curd could be a winner. I mean, all I have to do is make some. How hard can it be?

The fact that I hate the stuff doesn't seem to be fazing me, though there is one snag. How will I know if it is any good when I will want to throw up spontaneously on tasting it?

At least I won't have to eat much of it - I'm off to London next week and plan on inflicting it on the poor sods having me to stay. I like to try and fulfill the cliche that all I do is sit around making jam and lemon curd whilst wearing a flat cap, chewing a straw and milking cows...............

Ok - I'm off to harvest my lemons (or decant a pot of Waitrose's best 'Curd de Limon' into a suitably homemade looking jar.........)


mia-oia said...

It doesn't matter if it tastes any good surely. Didn't you say they don't ACTUALLY taste any of the jam/curd etc but just look at it. Don't make it too yellow otherwise it might look artificial. Try to go for a pastel shade.
I'm rooting for you!

Bevchen said...

Ugh, I totally sympathise with you. I hate lemon curd! But agree with what mia-oia said. If they're not even going to taste it why should you? Just make sure it looks amazing ;-)

katyboo1 said...

Why not colour match the one that won last year with the dulux paint chart,buy a glass jam jar, paint the inside lemon curd coloured and seal it with one of those frilly doily things? Voila, Bob c'est son confiture, as I'm sure they say in France when they're cheating at winning lemon curd competitions.

Do the french make lemon curd? Perhaps it is a british thing? It is so bizarre it seems like it would be. I agree with you and the others. It tastes like lemon sick.

Anyway, you will hopefully be winning some jamtastic prizes round about now. Report back asap...

Welsh Girl said...

Anyone got any good ideas for things to do with losing lemon curd?????

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