Saturday, 23 August 2008

Trigonometry and the Big Bad Wolf.

Failure to blog yesterday - slapped wrist for me! Good excuse though. I was learning to draw! I have always wanted to just casually sketch a fabulous little drawing to show people what I am failing to explain to them. This fabulous intention is rather undermined by the fact that I have seen work done by four year olds that is better than mine. So, this year's new year's resolution was to learn to draw. (I don't believe in giving things up, I always take something up at New Year). On the basis that I have the self discipline of a child in a sweet shop with no cctv, I decided I would have to go down the lessons route.

This has been an expensive choice. A group of six of us go (the other five just for a laugh) and it is a whole day with lunch included for THIRTY POUNDS EACH. I know - bargain!

So, whilst the others giggle a lot, flick paint at each other and all turn out to be remarkably talented I sit there in the corner swearing as I try to understand the rules of perspective, shadows and reflections. I am completely reassessing my view of 'arty' people. The thing requires a maths degree and a thorough understanding of trigonometry, and probably other 'ometries' as well.

Things didn't start well. We were doing ink wash paintings and I was doing a rather ravisihing headland scene. Unfortunately my insatiable curiousity caught me out again. I only wanted to know what would happen if I put more water on it - it turns out that it ruins it! Well, almost ruined - did you know that you can turn a headand painting into a picture of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf?

I was banned from the paints and allowed nowhere near the water. With pencil and ruler in hand I started to try and get to grips with the maths bit. Having drawn a box from seven hundred different angles with shadows from every type of light I was given free rein to draw a room interior. I chewed my pencil, I wore out three rubbers, I squinted and muttered but by the end of the day I had drawn my own bathroom and it was recognised as such with no prompting by the others. Miraculous. I have a skill!

Now, must go as I have a friend to stay for the weekend who has finally emerged from her bedroom and needs breakfast. I also have to use my artistic talents to keep going with the Sisyphus type task of painting my house which I started three months ago and have been unable to keep going with because of the fact that I apparently live in a rainforest. Thank god it doesn't require more trigonometry.....

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