Monday, 18 August 2008

What officially makes a stalker?

I can't work out if I am stalking one of the cybermen???? The pilot one who lives in Dorset and who on initial survey seemed a genuine part of the human race. Really, he seemed nice and there was even a faint hint of normalcy about him. I mean, unlike some others I could mention, he doesn't get stuck in wet suits in the middle of the night, or kiss ducks, or call me Rascal (which I have discovered I really hate as it can really only be used with charm in the 1920's when referring to 5 year olds).

His sub with the web dating thingummy that we met on has expired so I can't e mail him anymore but he did warn me that this was going to happen and left me his number. This leads me to believe that he wated me to call him, I mean I don't think he was just cancelling his subscription to get away from my deranged ramblings. So here is the dilemma:

I have called him a few times. Most of those times, his phone had one of those 'abroad' ring tones so I hung up before realising that my number would show up on missed calls. Then I rang and it was an 'at home' ring tone. His answerphone message was nice - he didn't sound like a deranged axe murderer or a nerd (both these species have a recognisable drooling quality to their answerphone recordings), so I left a message with my number on it. Since then NOTHING!!

So, do I call again? Do I? or does that make me look like I am stalking him? I mean it took me a while to call him to start with so maybe he thinks I was playing hard to get and he is paying me back? Or maybe he never got the message? Or maybe, he saw that I have called him 8 times and he is now getting his number changed and going in for plastic surgery to change his face so that I will never accost him in public?

Oh god, this brings back all the reasons that I like being single, and all the things I hate about 'dating'...........



Oooh dilemma, there's always the option of hiring a private detective to track him down and monitor his movements ... now that would be worrying LOL... The advice from this Welsh girl in Suffolk, would be to give him one more call...from someone else's phone ;-D

P.S. Thanks for popping by the blog the other day by the way.

Welsh Girl said...

Interesting thought - the detective and the borrowed phone.... I'll let you know which one I go for! xxx

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