Monday, 20 October 2008

Wrung out and Spat up.

I'm back, I think. I'm not really sure. I may be still stuck on an endless plane journey over the Iraqi desert, or lost in Istanbul airport. In just one week, I feel as if I have spent years of my life drifting around the skies and airports like a befuddled sheep. I've been squeezed into tiny plane seats next to men who snore, men who smell and one man who snorted in a horribly snotty way every 5 minutes. The joys of bargain basement plane tickets have been drummed into me in a particularly painful way.

Holidays are generally a good thing and not to be taken lightly. The problem is that the journey back leaches all sense of relaxed restfulness out of you and spits you back up on the shores of Blighty a wrung out limp version of yourself that is more exhausted than the one who left for a rest in the first place.

My return home was greeted by driving rain and howling gales, not quite the same as desert heat, but oddly welcome for its familiarity.

Work is less welcome. I know it has to be done, it doesn't mean I actually want to do it. Having picked up the endless messages and e mails I just wanted to go and hide under my duvet and pretend I hadn't got back. No such luck.

There is good news though. I have an award!!! Hurrah. This was given to me by Bevchen at (darn, can't make the link thing work) and I nearly fell off my chair with excitement when I saw it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bevchen!!! For those of you who have not seen her blog the address is above, or there is a link on the left hand side of the page! But back to me - How lovely to get an award, and such a lovely one too... Darn have just spent ten minutes trying to put the award on my site and it has gone all shy and retiring and won't turn up... Now you'll think I'm faking it. Grrrr - technology sucks.

Anyway, back to my award winning self; I have now had a red carpet installed in my office and shall spend the evening wearing all my most glamorous wellingtons and long dresses posing for the press and weeping prettily whilst I thank my primary school teacher, the farmer down the road and the Loyal Hound.

Must go, I have to rehearse my speech and check my waterproof mascara.

Ohhh - wait a minute - think I have worked out how to do this thing - here goes....


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bevchen said...

Glad you like it :-)

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