Monday, 7 July 2008

Who says its good to be back?

So I'm back from my annual foray to the world where the sun shines for more than 5 minutes. Turns out it can shine all day, every day. Who knew??? Not me for much longer as it has done nothing but rain since I got back.

Upsides of returning:

The loyal hound was overjoyed. Fetched me an entire duvet, three books and my sunglasses which I had forgotten to take with me
I now can't worry about the fact that my holiday is nearly over
There were two cheques in the post.

Downsides of returning:

I had to come home
I have to go into the office
I don't have any more holidays in sunny places until October when I am going to Qatar, which I don't actually want to go to....
It's raining all the time
Siestas four times a day are frowned on here.

So there you go. Brief foray to the world of swimming, sleeping, reading and eating is tragically over and the grey tinged world of tiredness, being awake, being too tired to read and feeling guilty for eating has reasserted itself.

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