Tuesday, 25 November 2008


It's cold. Bitter, chilly cold that eats through the tips of my fingers. I'm not sure that when I take my shoes of my toes might not remain in there. I think they were frostbitten about an hour ago as I certainly can't feel them. I'd like to stay and chat but I'm going to go and light the fire and shiver by it instead!!!!!!


katyboo1 said...

Hope you are feeling less frozen.

I've nominated you for a meme. Pop over and have a look when you have thawed.

sleepyjane said...

Oooh I hope it warms up soon! Being cold like that is awful.

*sending you sunny thoughts from SA!*

Welsh Girl said...

Thanks Katy - just did you Meme - it was a cruel one. Having to choose - I hate that!!!!

Hello Sleepyjane - I see you lots on Bevchen's blog so lovely to have you here! Thanks for the sunny thoughts, they all help!

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