Wednesday, 12 November 2008

In which I prematurely age.

For the last month or so my knee has been playing up. It aches a lot of the time and nearly killed me when I went to the cinema by sending jabbing pains along my leg as a protest against being folded accordian style into the tiny cinema seats. It even wakes me up in the morning by aching as it lies in bed. Now, I've always liked the idea of going weak at the knees. There's something old fashioned and bizarrely romantic about it. It turns out that it falls into the same category as swooning, having the vapours and lying on a chaise longue. They are all highly overrated and rather painful.

I have assumed that my weak knees are a result of endless driving, foolishly going running in the summer and more endless driving but today the farmer, passing by on his quad bike, looked at my jean clad knee in a knowing way (ooh er missus) and muttered darkly that it sounded like arthritis. ARTHRITIS? Please, tell me he is kidding.

I can't have arthritis. Old people have arthritis. I'm 36. I know I live in a damp cottage that should be wrung out like a sponge but I'm not ready to decay quite yet. Please don't tell me that this is the beginning of the end.

I've booked an appointment with a physiotherapist tomorrow and I'm hoping that he will be a) Dr McDreamy / George Clooney b) single (only applies if option a is true) c) give me a magic pill that will instantly fix tiresome knee and also turn me into a size 10 goddess with a perfect wardrobe. Physiotherapists can do that can't they?


bonnie-ann black said...

it's more likely to be some form of tendonitis... something similar to tennis elbow or housemaid's knee... not arthritis. it's from wearing out, not rusting out.

Welsh Girl said...

Bonnie-ann: Is wearing out better than rusting out??? I wonder if I am under guarantee and can send myself back for replacement parts?

Home Office Mum said...

I've got a dicky hip if that makes you feel any better. It's from wearing children on it for almost five years.

bevchen said...

George Clooney?? Hmm, can't see the appeal myself. Now if you were to introduce me to a guy who resembles Luka from ER I would definitely go there, boyfriend or no boyfriend.

My sister's had bad knees since she was about 10. Sometimes they'll just collapse underneath her and she'll be on crutches for a while. So it's not only old people who get bad knees. (And what she has isn't arthritis either. Just.. umm... bad knees?)

katyboo1 said...

I too have a dicky hip, child related. Sometimes it seizes up and refuses to go anywhere.

I know a few osteopaths. They all seem to know each other, which is a bit weird as I met mine in totally different areas of the country. It's a secret network.

Mine have never looked like George Clooney, unfortunately. That probably means he lives near you as I have never met an Osteo from your neck of the woods. Ergo, all GC lookie likie osteo people must live near you.

I am v. tired.

Must lie down now

Welsh Girl said...

How disappointing - He turned out to be a She. Huh. No fun there then. On the bright side I apparently have aggravated tissue not arthritis. Though I'm not sure that a knee filled with aggrieved Kleenex is such a good thing.....

bonnie-ann black said...

see? told you.

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