Monday, 10 November 2008

Work Avoidance

Finally, some time in the office. Naturally I have done very little work so far and it is already 12.51. Oops. However, I have done some Chrismtas shopping, read lots of blogs, sent some e mails and got some of the post done, including advent calendars for godchildren and a dvd for the nephews. I've also ordered a compost bin for my parents and sorted out a spa day for the mad sister in London's birthday present. Must polish my home halo and remember that I am supposed to work for a living......

Yesterday I finally escaped the kitchen and fled back into the hills. The weather was unutterably disgusting; ice and rain lashing down onto the house and spitting on the fire. I was filled with the urge to tackle the bombsite that is the house. I went through my clothes and filled two bags with stuff for the charity shop that I have finally accepted will never fit me / suit me / be worn again. I also have three boxes for the recycling and two bags for the rubbish bin. My house is now gloriously tidy but the car is packed to the gills with stuff to go to other places. I have filled a drawer in the spare room with the Christmas presents that I have already bought and have done all the washing in the world. If only my office was in such a good state.

I want to go out and get rid of all the stuff in the car, but the weather is still so horrible that I can't face doing the gates that need to be opened and closed in order to get off the mountain. Bah humbug. I'm staying in my office which is warm and cosy as the wood burning stove has finally got going.

Right - I'm going to do some work now. Truly.


Home Office Mum said...

Wow. Uber organised you. I have a stash of catalogues that I will be wading through this evening to hunt for xmas pressies. I feel I might need wine to go with it.

Welsh Girl said...

Not really that organised, it was just a really good way of avoiding doing any actual work! Wish I'd thought of wine to help though (might have been a little early for it I suppose, but is must be after six o'clock somewhere in the world....). Good luck with the catalogue surfing tonight.

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