Friday, 28 November 2008

Memeing in the snow

I've just got back from yet another bout of travelling round the country. I woke this morning to snow and am sitting in my office with my coat on, the fire lit and the emergency heater on.

However, rather than write about the cold, I am going to do a Meme that Katyboo sent me. I have to do my own Desert Island discs. OOoooh. So, here goes with my 8 tracks and one book.... They are bound to be random and as soon as I have chosen them I will want something else instead.

Peter Gabriel The Book of Love: This is a great song that will make me weep bucket loads. Why this should be a good thing on a desert island beats me but there it is...

Captain Beaky & His Band: This has to be on here as it reminds me of my childhood and the four of us singing along at full volume to my parents despair. We had a record of it and we played it so much that it literally wore out.

Richard Burton reading Under Milk Wood: I'm not sure if they would let me have this or not but I love it. I can never remember any poetry and this is something I'd love to know by heart. It's my welsh origins rearing their ugly head again.... Go on, let me have it!

ELO Mr Blue Sky - I know, it's cheesy but I want cheesy on my desert island. I can dance around in my grass skirt and generally make a fool of my self to this one.

JJ Cale - the tricky thing here is to pick which track? Aargh. OK I shall go with Cocaine, no, After Midnight please. This whole album reminds me of University where I had a room mate who would play nothing but JJ Cale. For years I couldn't listen to it again but now that I have rediscovered it I sort of see where she is coming from. It is the ultimate chillout music.

Elvis Presley A little less Conversation - this seems particularly apt for a desert island, plus it reminds me of all the cooking jobs where I seem to end up playing Abba, Elvis and Dolly Parton and dancing like a maniac whilst I burn things!

The Magic Flute Tamino Main: This is a fab piece of music and plus it is 7.00 minutes long so value for money or what! It has to come with me.

Crap - how did I get to 8 this quickly?? OK, reduce everything down to just one last song. Umm, err, Don't panic, ok. Think. Errr.......

Fine - this one then: Thunderbird from the Thelma & Louise Soundtrack. This has to be one of the best piece of electric Guitar playing ever. I mean ok, it's got a sort of end of the world feel to it, but if I needed to do some air guitar playing whilst on my island, this would fit the bill just fine.

So, I still have to choose a book. I've given this one a lot of thought and I figure as I already have Shakespeare and the Bible which are both packed with preposterous drama, infeasible action and cross dressing, I need something a little different so I'm back with poetry; WH Auden to be specific. He's my all time favourite poet and if I could take an anthology of all his work with me there's a good chance I'd send the rescue ship away empty handed when it finally turns up....


katyboo1 said...

Captain Beaky. The first record my brother ever owned. Great choice!

where o where is your luxury item missis?


bevchen said...

Do you know, I've never even seen Thelma and Louise. I'm so deprived!

Award waiting for you at my place. Come pick it up.

Welsh Girl said...

Katy - I know, it never fails to be fantastic! nice to find another fan of the great Captain out there in the ether!!!

Just done my luxury - sorry about that!

Bevchen - get your DVD player warmed up right now. You are missing a vital slot in your film education. OOOOOOh - an award!!!! Right, that's it - I'm off to pick it up. Do I need to be in a designer dress and have clean hair??

Anonymous said...

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