Tuesday, 11 November 2008

In which I actually get some work done.

Typical. Just as I get into the swing of things in the office, and start getting loads done, I realise that it is nearly half past six and I have to get changed and go out for dinner. Darn having a social life - it's such a chore! On the bright side there are stacks of envelopes filled with goodies for clients, clients who have been patiently waiting for said goodies for quite some time.....

Why is it so hard to get your head into that 'work space' where you get loads done? I did virtually nothing useful on the work front yesterday despite having hours and hours in the office. I think I used to be better at it (the head space thing that is). Probably when I worked in an office with other people beavering away industriously next to me and guilting me into at least making an effort. Now, I can fritter away hours achieving far too little. The rare moments when I get into my stride are so pleasing that I wish I had them more often. Think how much I could get done if I was efficient all the time. The world would be mine (cue evil laugh - Ha Ha Ha Ha).

I've just noticed that the Loyal Hound has flattened himself into a doormat by the door to the yard in the hope that I will don my coat and boots and take him for a moonlit walk. He's such a romantic. Actually, this may have more to do with the fact that he is a doormat with crossed legs, than any desire to walk paw in hand with yours truly. He is less fond of efficiency days since I forget about his urgent need to investigate every mouse hole within a three mile radius and concentrate on making money instead. He is very unfinancially motivated which might explain why he chewed my wallet up when he was a puppy.

Tomorrow I have a friend coming to help out with some filing and accountancy stuff as my year end is rapidly approaching. I can't bear the fiddliness of doing all the receipts and things (though I do like the feeling of satisfaction at the end of it all!) so I'm always happy to fob such chores off on willing suckers, sorry, friends who I will pay cash to in a brown envelope. Lovely though help is, it is typically coming at a moment when I would rather have my office to myself to keep going with my evil plans to - well, get all my work done and sent out by the end of the week. Perhaps not so much evil then as boring.

The supper invitation is a very last minute one. An e mail fell into my inbox an hour or so ago asking if I was around and wanted sausages and mash with some friends. There is never a good reason to turn down sausages and mash and it makes it worthwhile having to get smartened up and open and close three gates on the way out. I don't have any wine to take with me so they'll have to have some Marrow chutney instead. Lucky them.

What are you all up to this rainy Tuesday night then?


Home Office Mum said...

I'm intrigued by what you do - envelopes with goodies for clients. Are you a drug dealer?

I am - as I type - sucking down a whisky that is so strong I can literally see the hairs sprouting on my chest. I need it. Read blog for details. My day didn't improve since I wrote that. And tomorrow I get to launch a big client so tonight I am setting up a million emails ready to foist on some lucky journalists. I might have to spellcheck tomorrow morning given the strength of this whisky though. Enjoy your bangers and mash.

katyboo1 said...

nursing another eye sucking migraine and playing too many time wasting games mostly.

Oh! and having my eyes tested by number one son. Think he needs his eyes testing as he was studiously testing my bosom. My tits have twenty twenty vision. My eyes suck!

Perhaps you could incorporate the chutney into their wine and make impressive cocktails

Monika said...

My rainy night was an Italian apperitivo at our house with my in-laws who are visiting. Although those sausages and mash sounded GOOD! Hope your loyal hound got at least one when you got home?

Welsh Girl said...

Yes - you've caught me out. I am a dealer of drugs. Darn it - that's my cover blown!!!! Oo-er -whisky eh? Things must be bad. I shall pop over and see for myself.

Katyboo - these Migraines are becoming a regular visitor. I shall send a chutney cocktail over to have on your Chaise Longue of Death.

Monika - sausages, mash and onion and red wine gravy. Life does not get much better!

bevchen said...

I want sauasges and mash now. But I don't havye any sausages. Damn.

Welsh Girl said...

Bevchen - what no satsumas and now no sausages? What is Germany coming to? I shall send you a care package....

bonnie-ann black said...

i know what you mean... there are days at my office (external for a law firm) where i just plow through the day ridding myself of every tiny little bit of work, leaving me feeling fresh and clean like after i used to go to confession when i was a kid.

then there are days where i just look at my desk and say, no... i am going to surf the net and visit all those blogs that make me laugh.

guess what kind of day that is today.

Welsh Girl said...

bonnie-ann - I too am having one of those days. Yesterday was apparently unrepeatable as an exercise in efficiency. Darn it.

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