Friday, 21 November 2008

Looking for a date.

So, he rang! Pilot man telephoned as promised and he was perfectly nice and didn't seem to notice that I hadn't shaved my legs. It turns out it was his birthday (45) and he was sitting in the car park outside his children's school waiting for them to emerge when he rang me. My heart didn't go pitter patter at the sound of his voice but neither did I fall asleep with boredom or throw up into a handy bin at the sound of his dulcet tones. So, a good start then.

We ended up talking for about half an hour and he wants to meet up. In theory this is all well and good but in reality it is a different matter entirely. As you know, he is a pilot which translates into a crazy work schedule. I may not be a pilot but I have a mad diary which is so full that I tried to book a meeting in on Christmas day because it was the only thing free and I had forgotten about Christmas entirely!

He's e mailed me a list of dates that he is in the country and I have responded with a desperate e mail giving him a 5 minute slot ten years from now. Oh god, have I taken playing hard to get to a ridiculous level without even meaning to?


Pearl said...

A five-minute slot ten years from now? Sounds perfectly reasonable, plus you'll have time to shave your legs!

Welsh Girl said...

Hi Pearl - nice to hear from you! Phew - you think it'll be ok then? I'll keep you posted as to what happens, maybe I will have to sharpen my razor.... :)

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