Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cybermen - the story continues

So, I am just packing to walk through yet another blizzard with my suitcase and the loyal hound. We are off to Dorset for work. But, not just work. I am meeting one of the Cybermen.....

Now this one I'm fairly underwhelmed by. In fact I think I might be meeting the ultimate early old fogey. Things to worry about:

1) He lives with his mother! She is apparently 86 and autocratic. They live together in a vast and draughty pile in Glouctershire that he is slowly refurbishing.
2) He lives with his mother. I think this point is worth re-iterating.
3) He writes historical books. Not Bernard Cornwell type novels but esoteric tomes on odd bits of history I think. I am worried I will be lectured to.
4) He is fairly inflexible. Considering I am driving from Dorset to North Wales - a five hour journey at the best of times, he is still making me come 30 minutes off the motorway to meet him as he says there is nowhere between Cheltenham and the motorway that would be 'suitable'.
5) He can't give directions for toffee, let alone a hotel. The directions he gave me were so convoluted that I doubt we will ever actually manage to meet. They included helpful things like 'go past my bank' 'there is a street that goes off at right angles' 'Go north here' (this last one when you are in a town with no helpful compass to hand).
6) When he sent me his telephone number he asked me to text him before I rang. This annoyed me and made me wonder if he was worried that one of his wives would answer the phone otherwise. Am I meeting Bluebeard?
7) When I didn't ring him he get marking me as his favourite on the website every day, twice a day for a week. This verges on stalking.

I know, I know - why am I doing this? As a warm up I suppose. As an effort at showing willing in this dating game and so that nobody can say of me that I am not trying. I'll let you know how it goes. So sorry, I know this is a muddled entry but it is snowing hard and I need to get moving. Not only do I have a meeting to go to but a cyberman to meet. I wonder if he will bring his mother?


athomeandhappy said...

Oh, Welshgirl
It does not bode well, it does not bode well at all.
Still, at least you are meeting him in a public place ... you are meeting him in a public place aren't you?
Good luck and safe home ... I am agog for the outcome :-)

notSupermum said...

Ooooh dear. I don't think I'd be making the detour, he sounds very selfish. Sorry, but if he's trying to make a good impression he's not doing very well. You deserve someone who'll treat you well.

katyboo1 said...

You are brave. Make sure you have your phone with the police number on speed dial in your hand at all times.

I pray that the worst thing that happens is a coma induced by boredom.

And that you have a wonderful story to tell about it on the blog when you get back.

Good luck cherie.

justme said...

Yes DO be careful! He doesn't sound very inspiring. Makes being single seem highly desirable in fact.....but you never know, and at least it will be something to blog about. Can't wait to hear about it. Good luck!

bevchen said...

Eeep! I hope he isn't Bluebeard or you might end up in THAT room. Like the others said, be careful!

Anonymous said...

The draughty pile sounds interesting - well in Summer maybe. I'm glad that you will have some moral support from Loyal Hound and hope that you get on okay and return soon to your 'tidy' cottage. Take care.
Wendy (Wales)

Mr Farty said...

What? He sounds like someone I (unfortunately) know. Take a taser just in case.

Mud in the City said...

Eek! Sounding a wee bit scary - but looking forward to hearing all about it. Maybe he's better in person?

Give Loyal Hound a pep talk though - he might need to stand in and protect your virtue!

The Singlutionary said...

I so totally know how you feel!

cynicalscribble said...

Wow, you're brave.

I hope you're still alive, there's some great blogging material in there.

Monika said...

Hi Welsh girl,
I hope he is worth all this effort! Stay safe!

mia-oia said...

Be very very careful.

Hope it goes ok :-)

Welsh Girl said...

Thanks everyone! It was the date from hell. I think it deserves a blog entry of it's own so here goes....

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