Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Mad woman needs help.

So, in the wonderful world of the blogging stratosphere I have come across the lovely, funny and energetic Home Office Mum. With two sons, a business she runs from home and a husband you'd think she'd be resigned to life as she knew it and would be happy to only dream of all the things outside her ken that the world would say she now could not have.

But, dear readers, life is not like that. About three weeks ago she blogged about an advert that she had seen to do one of the round the world clipper ship races. She mused on the fact that she'd like to do it, and then she applied AND GOT A PLACE!

Suddenly she has been launched into the choppy waters of managing a business, a family and the race to raise £8000 sponsorship and then flee her life for a few weeks to live life on the high seas. She has set up a new blog for the rest of us to follow her in awe as she sets out on this epic journey from normalcy - More to Life than Laundry. I hope you will go and visit her there, and if you can spare some loose change, sponser her via paypal.

It seems to me that we all spend our lives dreaming of 'what if' and very rarely dare to try it so those of us who do take the plunge deserve loud cheers, cash or at least a supportive comment.


Home Office Mum said...

That made me all teary. You really are very, very lovely for writing such nice things. I am mad. I know it. I think I will come to realise just how mad I am as this evolves but for now I'll be blissfully ignorant. You're a star and thanks for the plug.

Welsh Girl said...

It's the least I can do!

justme said...

Home office mum is completely mad.....and I am realy looking forward to hearing all about it!!

katyboo1 said...

Yes. She is mad and that is what is wonderful about her.

Hooray! I was going to do a post today too, but I will let yours work its magic and stagger it a bit. Will do one tomorrow.

Mud in the City said...

So true - life isn't a dress rehearsal. I sometimes find myself thinking "next time round I'll do x" - before realising with a surprise, that there isn't going to be a next time!

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