Saturday, 7 February 2009

Day Six - silver lining on snow clouds.

After the excitment of seeing actual people yesterday, and shops and everything I was on a high! I mean the town I went to had not one, but two greengrocers, and a Barnardos and a mad knitting shop. I went into all of them just because I could! Coming home later that night, pulling my groceries along on my toboggan with the loyal hound diving into the snow around me, I decided that I would make the most of this situation. That plan lasted all of ten minutes.

You can tell how bad it is by the fact that I am in the office on a Saturday when I don't have to be. This is entirely due to the fact that I am bored of being in the house, and I have been for three walks today just to pass the time and needed a newish horizon to make my return to the hovel more exciting.

I keep thinking the snow will go, but each morning I wake to find that yesterday's tracks and footprints have been eradicated in another snowfall and I am back to square one. I rescheduled last weeks meetings to next week and honestly, I'm not sure that I will be out by then.

By the time the snow does finally go I will have the tidiest house in Britain, the best organised office and the crazed look of Tom Hanks in Castaway. If I had a football I would instantly name it and start talking to it.

Watching the news / forecasts it is fascinating to see the presenters skate over (scuse the pun) the fact that every day they forecast more snow for North Wales. Because it is just 'small showers' then it doesn't count as anything much, but small showers (for which read several hours of snow) add up to multiple inches of snow on the ground and massive annoyance for me. But watching the news it is as if it is uninhabited up here and so snow falling in the mountains isn't relevant. Nothing like as relevant as a couple of days of inconvenience elsewhere in the country anyway. Currently we are getting the edge of the weather front that is in the South West, and the one travelling down the Irish Sea. This means I have had snow coming in from both ends of the valley. Sorry, enough of a whinge about national forecasting.

However there is an upside to the snow. The light. This time of year is normally so grey and drained of colour but the snow casts such wonderful light everywhere. Yesterday the hound and I went for a walk at 10 at night because the snow made it so light that you could see for miles. I guess that is my silver lining. Every snow cloud has one.


katyboo1 said...

That walk does sound fantastic, but I pity your snow crazies. I had them and we were only snowed in for about a day.

Oh! Did you get anything good from Barnardos? I love a good charity shop.

justme said...

Oh really MUST be sick of it by now! the snow here has gone completely for now, but it is icy cold, and there are mutterings that there may be more in a day or too......
I have stocked up on wine and chocolate, just in case.

Home Office Mum said...

Could this be the perfect time to start writing a novel? I feel it might have a snow theme but it would pass the time. Hope it thaws out soon.

PS - I know what you mean about the light. Last night I blogged in a slightly Age of Aquarius type way about the moonlight on the snow.

notSupermum said...

I love the way you have turned a bad situation on its head, and have acknowledged the 'snowlight'.

Anonymous said...

There you are, a silver lining - when you escape to normality again you will have no housework to do and will be able to find anything in your tidy office.
What's a mad knitting shop !!!
Wendy (Wales)

bevchen said...

For years and years the weather forecast people would totally ignore the part of England I'm from. "In the North..." they would say, pointing at Yorkshire. Then continue with "And in Scotland...". Newcastle didn't even appear on the map.

Mr Farty said...

Wot? No photos?

Our forecasts are almost invariably wrong. Every day for the past two weeks should have been heavy snow, but the only time it did snow it was gone in a couple of hours.

Having said that, it's been snowing steadily for three hours now. What are the chances it'll still be there in the morning?

Welsh Girl said...

Katy - I have to confess that it was not the best charity shop ever but I did get a biography of Wellington for £1.99 as a present for my mother!
Justme - mmmmm, chocolate....
Home Office Mum - it should be shouldn't it, and yet I have failed to put pen to paper. If there is the 'one book in everyone' in me, then it is hiding.
Not Supermum - thanks!
Wendy - it's a shop that has balls of wool the size of a small baby and a mad woman eating a bar of chocolate at the counter. There are patterns and needles and stuff everywhere and a path wends it way through the mountains of knitting things to the counter. It's a mad knitting shop!
Bevchen - it's very odd what they do put on that weather map, and what they ignore!
Mr Farty - I figured you had all had enough of snow photos. Did the brandy and cake get you ok?

The Singlutionary said...

How about making a snowball and talking to it. Then when it melts you can freak out and call after it as it turns into water.

Sorry. I guess I have been spending too much time inside today also (although I am so NOT snowed in. A little more rain would be a good thing here).

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