Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Covered in strimmer fuel and vexed

There are days when being single is intensively irritating. Yesterday was one of them. Having got back from my meetings I decided to tackle the forest known as my garden. Out came the strimmer. Now this is a pretty straightforward piece of kit. you fill it up. Fiddle with the choke for ten minutes to get it running and then cut everything in site. My much loved strimmer has worked beautifully for many years now but yesterday, for no reason at all. It leaked it's fuel everywhere and 5 minutes of strimming used up an entire tank of fuel. Why? why would the cap start leaking for no reason at all and how the hell do I fix it??? If I was a Blue Peter presenter I would probably know how a judicious use of a loo roll and some double sided sticky tape could fix the thing and turn it into a hobby horse. However I don't even have a Blue Peter Badge. No hope there.

Then I had the book club over for supper. Due to a failure to believe my watch, the kitchen clock and the radio I was not remotely ready when everyone arrived. In fact I was sitting on the sofa, covered in strimmer fuel and getting aggravated about the fact that I have to do everything to keep my life (and strimmer) running, and can blame nobody else when stuff doesn't happen.

In addition there is nobody to notice when I do get round to doing stuff. I hate that part of being single. Probably if I was loved up/shacked up/stuck in an unhappy relationship, my other half wouldn't notice my labours anyway but at least I could get cross with them for not noticing, and for not helping themselves. Then I could give them the strimmer to swear at.

Definitely one of those harder days.

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