Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I have Male!!!!

So, did you miss me? I missed myself while I was away. I have been racking up the mileage and ruining my carbon footprint. It now resembles one of those Jurassic Park prints that collect water and that people fall into. That's what comes of doing some 800 miles in a week I suppose. I made it home late on Sunday night and was so tired the following day that I really was cross eyed. I couldn't read anything, and had a headache so bad that I actually tried to see if somebody was behind me and trying to split my head open with a chisel and hammer. Unfortunately the whole cross eyed thing made that exercise tricky and exhausting.

So having rebelliously taken Monday off, in lieu of the weekend that I didn't have, I am now back in full working mode and am promptly doing my blog rather than my work. Hurrah for playing hookey.

So obviously the first thing to check was the progress of the war of the cybermen. Miraculously, I have male!!!!! Two of them in fact. Who knew that putting a photo of Catherine Zeta Jones up on the site would actually get results? Ok, so one of the responses was from Michael, wondering why I was looking for a new date, and one was from the La Jones's lawyers asking that I immediately take off all photos as it makes her look fat being squished into my little ad but it's still interest isn't it?

I also have exciting communication from a pilot in Dorset, and a playwright in Yorkshire. The pilot sounds rather nice actually. He has sent me his phone number though and now i may actually have to talk to him which is a completely different option to just rambling away by e mail.

The Playwright did have a funny story about trying on a wetsuit home alone (hmm - really?) and getting stuck in it cos he couldn't reach the zip. Eventually at 5 in the morning he managed to hook the zip onto a doorhandle and undo himself. I'm thinking that this might be some freudian story that should be warning me off. Actually, it just made me laugh. There is a more worrying side to him though - most of his messages seem to be about his ducks, of whom he is abnormally fond? Should I be worried???


katyboo1 said...

I was getting a bit twitchy I admit. The first few days I just thought you'd gone out for milk and a paper. Then I decided to worry about whether to send out the dog sled retrieval team. Does the playwright don a wetsuit in pursuit of ducks?

Welsh Girl said...

It's a possibility that I am too frightened to look into. I do know that he hugs them goodnight. It's all rather worrying......

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