Thursday, 31 July 2008

Packing for the Holocaust

So right now I should be packing. I'm going away for a week in Cornwall and in the true British style I am having to pack everything I own to allow for the vagaries of the British Summer Weather.

So - here is a quick run down. Is there anything I have forgotten?
  • My galoshes have been scrubbed clean,
  • My striped bathing suit with exhausted elastic has been shaken free of anorexic moths along with my flower adorned bathing hat...
  • I have casual clothes, smart clothes, in between clothes and not much to them clothes.
  • Should I pack for snow? Just in case? I mean, this is the British summer so there is a far greater chance of a sudden snowfall than there is in the winter. OK - gloves, scarf and skiing trousers it is.
  • I have deliberately forgotten my suncream in the hope that this will guarantee scorching days that I can't venture out into for fear of burning to a crisp and being mistaken by Rick Stein for a cornish lobster.
  • I have packed an entire separate case of books in case nobody sells books in Cornwall.
  • The loyal hound has a towel, his bowl and his favourite rubber chicken (I do wish he wouldn't sit on it when I am driving though as, out of the blue, it gives out this long and pained squealing which frightens the living daylights out of me)
  • Naturally I have a tin opener and some tins of sardine paste. I didn't waste my time reading all those Famous Five novels for nothing.
  • I have emptied the contents of my bathroom cupboard into a suitcase in the hope of actually using some of the products that I keep buying because they promise that they will make my hair so shiny I can be used as a solar panel / my eyelashes so long I'll trip over them/ my skin so soft that puppies will be envious.

At least if there is a holocaust while I am on holiday I will be able to last the whole thing out.

Ok - that's it then. I'm off. I'll be back in a week with my tales of sun, surf, expensive ice creams and hot men that I was too nervous to go up and talk to ....... That is assuming that the pixies don't get me.

1 comment:

katyboo1 said...

You forgot boiled eggs! Have a great time.

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